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ZiteFight lets you show off your style

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We’re really excited at Appozite today because we just launched our first app, ZiteFight. ZiteFight is, as it loudly proclaims, The World Championship of Style. It pits user submitted photos against each other to and lets voters determine who has the best style. So if you think you know style, then go vote. If you think you’ve got style, then join the fight.

Since this is the technical side of Appozite, I’ll take a second here to talk about the technology behind ZiteFight. It’s written in Ruby on Rails with MySQL as the database. Since we’re planning to handle tons of votes, I put a lot of work into making sure the process of saving results from fights wouldn’t get out of control. As they’re received, votes are put in a queue table which uses the MySQL Memory storage engine so they don’t actually have to touch the disk when the user’s voting request comes in. They’re then saved to an intermediate queue table every few minutes in a background job which also updates some stats like fighter records, etc. Finally, every hour they get archived off by another background job that calculates rankings and does some other housekeeping. So far it seems to be working quite well.

On another note, I’ll mention that it’s hosted by SliceHost. I highly recommend them so far. They’ve got tons of documentation on all sorts of sysadmin topics. Performance has definitely been good as well.

Hayes @ July 30, 2008

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