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Welcome to the geeky side of Appozite


Welcome to dev.appozite. This is the Appozite blog about the technical side of the interactions between social software, e-commerce and the wider web. I’m Hayes, co-founder of Appozite and I’ll be doing most of the posting here. This is a companion to our other blog, Appozitegeist, which is about social software, shopping and style. If you’re looking for interesting stuff about how people are using the web to talk about style, do their shopping and just generally hang out on the cutting edge of what’s cool head over there and check it out.

So what can you expect from dev.appozite? Look for some hardcore algorithm stuff about recommendation systems as well as thoughts on building scalable internet services. You can also expect occasional philosophical musings and comments on the important stuff going on in social software today like data portability and the nascent social layer of the web. I’ll also talk a lot about emerging standards like microformats, OpenID, oAuth and OpenSocial. There’ll be a few comments here and there about our business and the business of social software as well.

In short, if it’s pretty geeky and it has to do with social software, I’m here to talk about it. I hope you’ll join in the conversation.

Hayes @ May 30, 2008

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